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Marilyn Manson's tattoos
Red Devil and Tumbling Dice

The red devil tattoo with crowned horns is framed inside a flame-decorated horseshoe with a triple-six of tumbling dice below it. It's the devil and 666.
Red devil 666 dice tattoo

There's also an 8-ball above the devil head, and numbers 1 and 3 are on the horseshoe ends. '8-ball' is also a slang term for a portion of an illegal drug.

Tattoo artist Albert Sgambati and Manson devised this complex design between them. Staying ever mindful of how it would look onstage, Manson still gave Albert lots of freedom with the elements surrounding the devil head.
There is a song called 'Magic 8-ball' (or 'Outlook') on a POAAF demo from 1993, and that may relate to the pool ball behind the red devil. And also, as someone said, the expression 'lucky devil' may be relevant to this tattoo.

It's the most intricate and varied of Marilyn's tattoos and is also my favourite. It was created sometime after August 1993.

Other Manson tattoos created by Albert Sgambati are: the green cyclops, the green skull with the spooky tree, and the fly.

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