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Marilyn Manson's tattoos
Skull and Spooky Tree

Green Skull
A green-tinged skull with a spooky tree gripping the top.
Green skull tattoo
More tattoo artwork from Albert Sgambati who had already been working on a drawing of such a design when Manson noticed his sketch.

Did it resonate with ideas Marilyn already had? I just have to hope I can ask Manson himself one day. Until then, it's another mystery.

Originally, I thought there might be a connection between this inkwork and the tattoo Manson won as part of his Best Vocalist award at the South Florida Slammies on 3rd July 1994.

Why? Well the main Slammie Awards were ceramic skulls. But I now think the green skull was completed before then, perhaps even by late 1993. Which leaves Uncle Creepy as his possible chosen tattoo for the Slammie bonus prize.

Tree Tattoo

The tree tattoo, on top of the skull, gets a direct mention in Manson's biography. After his own sketch is used by someone he dislikes, he stakes his claim on the tree by having it indelibly marked onto his arm.

The tree - Manson's at least - was inspired by the Haunted Forest in The Wizard of Oz. Anyone ever notice that at one point the Cowardly Lion says, 'I do believe in Spooks, I do believe in Spooks...' (SPOOKS, get it?)

spooky tree cartoon Here's a similar drawing by Manson from a show flyer of December 1994.


Oh i do believe in spooks!

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