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Marilyn Manson's tattoos
Uncle Creepy and Cobweb tattoos

Uncle Creepy

If ever anyone suited their name, it's Uncle Creepy. A comic book character by Frank Frazetta, he introduced the ghoulish stories in the Creepy horror comic named after him - stories published by Warren magazines.

At the time Manson wanted this work done, Albert Sgambati was busy with other tattoos and so he suggested his colleague Ken Cameron to him.

Uncle Creepy and Cobweb tattoo

Manson and Albert had already discussed the tattoo's subject and design, so it was a case of Ken taking things from there.

I think this is Marilyn's second-last tattoo.

Some sleuthing was needed to determine when it was made. First pointer is that Manson had all of his tats before Ginger Fish joined the band in March 1995.

And I remembered Manson removed his lip-ring permanently one night after being arrested. Find out when that was and you can narrow the dates down. In the photo above, you can see the lip-ring, it's a 'pre-16-hours-in-jail' picture.

Manson was arrested 27 December 1994 on a charge of 'violation of the Adult Entertainment Code' - public nudity - after a set at Jacksonville's Club 5. If he removed his lip-ring that night then he had the Uncle Creepy tat before then.

Also, there's no Uncle Creepy tat at the Slammie Awards on 3rd July 1994, which means it was made between 3 July and 27 December 1994. Am I pedantic or what.

Update: Then, going by this old candid photo, I realized he had the tat by September 1994.

Uncle Creepy and cobweb tattoo

Cobweb Tattoo

The Cobweb tattoo reaches from Manson's wrist to the top of Creepy's head.

I've always assumed that tattoo artist Ken Cameron made both tattoos. Nice bracelet there.

Note: On 3 July 1994, Manson was awarded Best Vocalist at the South Florida Slammies and part of his prize was a tattoo. Because of the timings involved, Uncle Creepy and the cobweb combination seemed the most likely candidates for his chosen prize.

However, the prize was offered by Slammie sponsor, Outrageous Tattoos, and not by Tattoos by Lou where Manson had his tattoo work done. So maybe he passed on that prize.

Someone has suggested that the cobweb tat may be a later addition to Uncle Creepy and so could have been the prize part. But because noone's yet taking credit for the cobweb, it's still a mystery to me.

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