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Tim Skold

Tim Skold - lead guitar

Thim Sköld. Born: 14 December 1966. From Skovde in Sweden.

Officially replaced Twiggy in May 2002 but in truth it happened sooner. Twiggy replaced Tim in 2008.

In 2007, for the 'EAT ME, DRINK ME' album tour, Tim plays lead guitar and Rob Holliday plays bass guitar. In January 2008, Twiggy rejoins, replacing Tim.

My first impressions? Although he does not have Twig's same mixture of puppy eyes and laid-back Rock Star demeanour, Tim Skold is an accomplished musician and producer. As for stage presence, he did just fine on the Grotesk Burlesk tour, looking like he'd been in the band forever.

Co-producer of The Golden Age of Grotesque, along with Marilyn and Ben Grosse, his credits on the album are: guitar, accordion, keyboards, synthesizer, bass and programming. Tim's other musical talents include vocals, remixing, and composing songs and instrumentals.

Prior to officially joining the band in May 2002, he worked with Marilyn on the score for the film Resident Evil (Jan./Feb. 2002). And, even earlier, he co-produced 'Tainted Love' with Manson - released November 2001 - even appearing in the video.

He's also responsible for 'enhancements' to some of the tracks on the 'Lest We forget, best of' album released in 2004.

For the 2007 tour, Tim plays lead guitar whilst Rob Holliday takes over on bass.

At this stage, however, most of his musical accomplishments are still pre-Marilyn Manson. He was previously in King Pin, Shotgun Messiah, Skold, KMFDM, MDFMK then KMFDM again. There are some 'early days' ones I need to find out about too. Here's a summary of the main ones:

King Pin
Tim Skold (bass guitar), Harry Cody (guitar) and Stixx Galore (drums) form glam rock band King Pin in their native Skovde, Sweden - think of them as an eighties 'hair band'. Singer Zinny J. Zan joins and, in 1987, they release a single, 'Shout It Out'. Then in 1988, in Sweden only, they release debut album, 'Welcome to Bop City'.

They move to Los Angeles USA, and become...

Shotgun Messiah
In 1989, they remix and re-package the Welcome to Bop City album as their international debut - it's renamed 'Shotgun Messiah' to match the band name.

Zinny J. Zan leaves soon after this. Skold takes over vocals and a new bassist, Bobby Lycon, is hired. In 1991 they record the well received 'Second Coming' and an EP of punk covers called 'I Want More'.

By 1993, two of the band have quit. Skold and guitarist Harry Cody then turn Shotgun Messiah into a Ministry-inspired industrial metal outfit. Not having the success desired, Shotgun Messiah disband.

In 1996 Tim releases his album 'SKOLD', recorded in Seattle. A follow-up EP entitled 'Neverland' (also the name of track 4 on the album) came too.

In 1997 he joins KMFDM, having met Sascha Konietzko in Seattle when recording the SKOLD album. He did vocals for KMFDM song 'Anarchy' on the !@$% (symbols) album, released 23 September, 1997. KMFDM stands for Kein Mitleid Für Die Mehrheit which translates into No Pity for the Majority.

1999, 22 January - In a statement, they say the forthcoming tenth album 'Adios', will be kmfdm's last - the group originally formed on 29 February 1984 - and kmfdm disband. Sascha and Tim Skold form MDFMK and, in 2000, release 'MDFMK'. The focus is on songs this time rather than instrumentals.

Following the Columbine High School shootings on 20 April, 1999 - the same day Adios was released - KMFDM receive some of the 'blame'. The band were quoted on the shooters website apparently. But who didn't the press try to implicate I wonder? I think Manson first met Tim around this time. More synchronicity.

2001 October - Skold co-produces 'Tainted Love' track with Manson.

In 2002 KMFDM reform. The album 'ATTAK' is released, on 19 March 2002, to general acclaim. Despite being officially in MM from May 2002, Skold makes two guest appearances with KMFDM during their six week USA 'Sturm & Drung' tour - 4 June, San Francisco and 5 June, Anahiem.

Assorted notes

So, Skold's success outside Sweden began with Shotgun Messiah, but it is his subsequent musical work that seems to gather acclaim. His solo album is said to be good. I haven't heard it so I'm relying on what others say. After his solo efforts, he had guest appearances with KMFDM - seen as one of the most influential underground industrial bands. Then he became a fulltime KMFDM member alongside Sascha and En Esch.

When KMFDM disbanded, Sascha and Skold went on to form MDFMK. Then Skold joined Ogre, Cevin Key - two influential men of underground industrial music - and others, in OhGr. Ogre (the person) is associated with the group Skinny Puppy as well. When KMFDM formed again, Skold was back in the band.

It's not confusing at all - just pay attention! ;)

Little bit more I found: He had a small role in a film about surfers, called, 'In God's Hands' (in 1989?). And he is married to Erin.

Before becoming a professional musician, Skold worked for the Volvo car company and was in the Swedish army - a national service duty.

Any questions?
Well you might have one about six unofficial tracks circulating on the internet since 2002. Touted as rough cuts from MM's album, The Golden Age of Grotesque, they are really Skold demos (list only).

PR man
Tim did a little public relations work during the second night of Marilyn's art show on Friday 20 September 2002. He chatted with fans and had photos taken with a few who managed to get their camera past the security.

I've heard of Rammstein's music being compared to KMFDM's - and Rammstein remixed the mObscene single for Marilyn Manson. So are they friends of Tim's?

2003 Golden Age of Grotesque tour

Fan reaction to Skold has been very favourable.

One of his favourite parts of the live shows was playing upright bass for the song, The Golden Age of Grotesque. He says 'That track is also my fave off the record because (of) the way it came about'. So what's the story?

Tim Skold
That's for me to know and for you to find out.


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