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too tame? It is a little ... but let me explain

There are places I could have gone to with a Marilyn Manson website which are way more voyeuristic and thrillseeking than the tame pages you'll find here. But I decided this was to be 'a family show'.

Marilyn Manson
"Sugar, this is waaay too tame!"

I mean I've seen and read MM related titillation online that was variously funny, 'rude', and even erotic but I couldn't find a meaningful place for it here. And you know, after a certain number of birthdays, we all end up with stuff like that in our lives so it's no big deal in some respects but maybe it's out of respect that I don't point to it or quote any of it.

Marilyn's biography has it's sexually lurid content - he's comfortable with that, and the experiences were (mostly) his so he's qualified to describe them. I'd recommend you read it. Freedom of expression is a big part of what he says he's about but because I'm on the outside looking in, I'm more cautious.

"Noble sentiments I'm sure", you may be saying, "but I wanted to see something racy here - I love a bit of goss."

Yeh I know, but don't you think that, just this once - in our hard-bitten cynical world - that noble instincts should be encouraged? It might be the only nice thing I do for a while.

yours sincerely

li'l ol' puritanical me.

p.s. I might push things later on ;)

Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez
More scandal, muthafucka!