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Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)

Marilyn Manson's fourth studio album - released 14 November 2000.
Cover of Holy Wood album

The album is divided into four parts (A.D.A.M.)

A - In the Shadow

I. Godeatgod
II. The Love Song
III. The Fight Song
IV. Disposable Teens

D - The Androgyne

V. Target Audience (narcissus narcosis)
VI. "President Dead"
VII. In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
VIII. Cruci-fiction In Space
IX. Place In The Dirt

A - Of Red Earth

X. The Nobodies
XI. The Death Song
XII. Lamb Of God
XIII. Born Again
XIV. Burning Flag

M - The Fallen

XV. Coma Black a) eden eye b) the apple of discord
XVI. Valentine's Day
XVII. The Fall Of Adam
XVIII. King Kill 33
XIX. Count To Six And Die (The Vacuum Of Infinite Space Encompassing)

Holy Wood album credits and my added notes

Japan [issued 14 Nov or 19 Dec 2000?]
limited edition version includes two bonus tracks:
  • The Nobodies (Acoustic Version)
  • Mechanical Animals (Live)
UK/Europe [9 January 2001]
includes the bonus track:
  • The Nobodies (Acoustic Version)
Holy Wood album artwork

Singles from the Holy Wood era:

  1. Disposable Teens
  2. The Fight Song
  3. The Nobodies
  4. Tainted Love
Tracks on Holy Wood era singles

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