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Twiggy Ramirez

Twiggy Ramirez

Bass player 1993 - 2002
and back again in 2008
Real Name: Jeordie White. Born: 20th June, 1971. Spent early years in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, USA. Replaced Gidget Gein in December 1993.

UPDATE: Twiggy Returns! As of January 2008, he replaces Tim Skold and takes over bass guitar from Rob Holliday, now on lead guitar.

Although I've had feedback on what I've written about Jeordie's early life, I'm still unclear about some of the details and the timings. Later information does, however, get helpful confirmation in the writings and interviews of Manson and Twiggy themselves.

One thing I know for certain, Jeordie boy had a way of being the adorable one in the band. Though I'm sure everybody else has their moments.

This is the most mixed-up bit: I know that Jeordie's mother was a cage dancer with bands such as The Kinks and Mountain (Leslie West's band), but does this mean he spent preschool years travelling around with his mum? I'm sure he did stay in New Jersey for a while but I don't know if he was also born in that area. And I think it's safe to say he went on to adapt to the music scene and travelling from an early age.

Always having long hair, he got teased about this at junior school, where they called him 'a girl' - the ultimate insult! ;-) In fourth-grade he mentioned the teasing to his step-dad who jokingly suggested Jeordie show the bullies the evidence. So he did just that and was suspended from school, allegedly.

The lifestyle in his early/preteen years led to easy access to booze and so Jeordie learned what it's like to drink alcohol - and suffer - a lot sooner than most of us. Another thing he began young is guitar playing, starting when he was 13. He taught himself by listening to records of guitar players like Scott Ian of Anthrax and James Hetfield of Metallica.

His family settled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and, in 1989, he graduated from JP Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Florida. Daisy/Scott Putesky and Olivia Newton Bundy/Brian Tutunick were pupils there too.

Jeordie met Brian Warner whilst working in a record store in Coral Springs Mall. Marilyn was looking for a present for his cousin when approached by Jeordie, the suntanned, afro-adorned store employee. Twiggy said Manson reminded him of Emo Phillips at the time.

Jeordie and Brian had at least two band projects together before he joined Marilyn Manson. The first was called Mrs. Scabtree, and as well as Marilyn (who played the drums) and Twiggy (who sang), there was also Jessicka of Jack Off Jill fame, Pogo and a few others. They had ten songs, dressed in drag, painted their faces black and insulted people in the audience - sort of 'performance art'. There were only two shows and Jessicka got some of the songs from both shows on video. She described it as "not even performance, just art."

The second project was Satan on Fire - a fake Christian death metal band with which they hoped, in vain, to 'infiltrate' the local Christian club. Having a song called 'Mosh for Jesus' (which got local radio play) likely gave their ulterior motives away.

Whilst still in thrash metal band Amboog-A-Lard, Twiggy became enthusiastically involved in Marilyn Manson shows, as an 'honorary spooky kid'. So, when Marilyn asked him to join them fulltime in December 1993, he was easily persuaded. At the time, Amboog-A-Lard were cutting an independent record, 'A New Hope' and new hope is what he was given. The transformation into Twiggy Ramirez had begun.

Wes, one of Twig's three younger half-brothers, appears on the Get Your Gunn single cover and was onstage with the band in the early 90s. He mooned the audience at the end of one show, showing solidarity with Mr Manson's style of performance.

Twiggy and Marilyn became good friends, helped by their mutual love of anarchy, and devilment in general. And when the rumour started that they were gay lovers, which began with Marilyn fondling Twig onstage, they were sure to keep this belief going.

His main musical talents are: bass, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar, violin, vocals. I read he was in some black metal bands before Amboog-A-lard but how true is it? Apparently Twig can make things up, so I'm not sure.

Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids and Amboog-A-lard shared a double bill at the Button South, Florida on 29 August 1991, two years before Twiggy jumped ship. The flyer called it the 'Clash of the Morons'.

Twiggy's early musical tastes are cited as: Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show, AC/DC, Bauhaus, and he also mentions the early 60's Bee Gees music a few times. I'm sure he admires a great many others as well. Any true rockers will be on his list.

Twiggy Ramirez during Holy Wood era
Twiggy Ramirez during Holy Wood era, 2000

A Star Wars fan, he once said "Star Wars is one of my favorite movies. It was sort of like my parent, growing up." That's some responsibility for a motion picture but it seems to have done a good enough job. I think his mum, Dana, helped it out a lot though ;-) 'The Force' aspect of Star Wars is based on Buddhism so perhaps a young Jeordie felt empathy with the underlying themes, or I'm just imagining too much.

My conclusion about Twiggy: he seems like a man without guile1 and yet also comes across as a 'lad' - as found in boozy-nights-out-with-the-lads hedonism. He's probably both.

But all things must pass and, on 29th May 2002, it was announced that Twiggy and the Marilyn Manson band had parted company. Manson issued a statement and made two other posts on the official website. There are copies on this page: the day Twiggy left.

Twiggy's last onstage appearance with Marilyn Manson was the specially filmed show in Los Angeles on 8th October, 2001.

But in 2008, he's now back! How's that for a surprise? When the 'Rape of the World' tour dates began, Tim Skold was the bass player for the first half, in 2007, but in 2008, Twiggy takes over.

Assorted Notes:

1992 June 25 - Pre-Marilyn Manson days. In the Florida Slammie Awards of 1992, Jeordie's band of that time, Amboog-A-Lard, win a total of five awards: Best Local Release - Best Song of the Year with "Overthrown" - Best Drummer - Best Lead Guitarist and, for Jeordie, Best Rhythm Guitarist.

1994 December - NIN and Mansons tour. On 8 December, Twiggy plays a one-night-stand with NIN at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He is filling in for the injured Robin Finck, who has a fractured thumb.

On 10 December, Twiggy and Robin Finck become a Twisted Sister cover band called SMF (Sick Mother F*ckers), fronted by the original Twisted Sister singer, Dee Snider. The just-for-fun version of the band plays a one gig effort at the East Village, Bleecker Street, in New York City (Rock Ridge Saloon?), and their pals are in the audience. Dee later forms a more permanent version with other people. Twiggy's bass pick says 'SMF' on one side after this.

1998 summer - Monster Magnet film their 'Space Lord' promotional video. Twiggy says yes to Dave Wyndorf asking if he wants to ' the devil sign in a Trans-Am driving though Vegas?'. Does Twiggy also play guitar on the track, Crop Circle?

2000 February - Twig shakes his little toosh on the catwalk for LA-based designer, Terri King. I mean he models clothes.

2001 August - Soundtrack of 'Rock Star' film is released, with a track called 'Blood Pollution' contributed by Mr Ramirez. The film is about a fictitious band called Steel Dragon, but is loosely based on the Judas Priest story.

2001 - Twiggy becomes a club DJ. This is reflected in his DJ role in the 'Tainted Love' video. Is it true that there ARE NO coincidences, hmm? At the start of that video, Twig arrives on a chopper motorbike alongside the car whilst Skold is inside it. Makes you wonder where the end really began - of his time in Marilyn Manson I mean. He admits in a later interview that he really disliked the band covering Tainted Love.

One of the venues for his DJ spots (Wednesday nights I believe) was the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles.

2002 April 24 - Twiggy plays bass in Mondo Generator, a side-project of Nick Oliveri of band Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA). They make a surprise appearance as main support for Amen at the Los Angeles Troubadour. Their set includes Mondo Generator songs, QOTSA songs and a version of 'Allen's Wrench' by Kyuss. Twiggy wears a monkey mask onstage to hide his boyish good looks whilst Josh Homme wears a black Zorro style mask.

Twiggy after Marilyn Manson

2002 - Twig contributes to the songwriting in a group called The Headband that features Casey Chaos, Nick Oliveri, Shannon Larkin and Josh Homme - spot the lineup similarities to Mondo. Their CD is due out later in the year.

2002 August - A promotional email from Interscope Rock tells me about a band called Dragpipe (who were on the Locobazooka Tour). My attention is caught by mention of "creative input from Twiggy Ramirez and producer Dave Sardy". Twiggy apparently spent 10 days on pre-production work with Dragpipe.

2002 October - I hear this: Peaches told MuchMusic that Twiggy expressed an interest in playing on her next album. Ever happen? Don't think so.

2002 November - Twiggy teams up with Masters of Reality/Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss producer and collaborator Chris Goss to form a new project, called Snowballs! Songwriting is in progress.

2003 February 11 - Twiggy joins A Perfect Circle (APC) as fulltime replacement bassist for Paz Lenchantin (she joined Zwan). He'd been jamming with APC already so it must have gone well. He previously auditioned for Metallica, but never heard back from them. This is the start of him reverting to being known as Jeordie again. Maybe he joined APC in January, I can't recall where I got the February date from.

Prior to this, Marilyn mentioned on the Oracle that he had been having a drink with Twiggy one night. It's good to know they've met up again. Marilyn had his guest DJ spot coming up at the Osiris Premiere party on 4th February, so he was maybe asking for some scratchin' tips?

Twiggy back in Marilyn Manson

9 January 2008 - After six years away, Twiggy is officially back as Marilyn Manson bass player. This was confirmed by the band's myspace site. He's not been wearing frocks and dreadlocks this time around though, that I've noticed.

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Here's a link to the band he was briefly in with Dee Snider: SMF

Life After Marilyn Manson (until 2008)

News on Jeordie can be found at fansite Base Tendencies

Here's the band he joined in 2003: A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle

In January 2005, Twiggy officially joins NIN, Nine Inch Nails. Here's NIN's myspace site

Close-up of Twiggy's guitar fret and hand
When I describe Twiggy as 'without guile' I mean it in the sense he seems loyal, incapable of being devious, the kind of person who makes a good friend. The guys in Amboog-A-Lard (the group he left to join Marilyn Manson) might take issue with me as regards Twig's loyalty but if he had stayed with them would he have had the same success? The best way of life is a blend of what's good for others and what's good for yourself. And it was good for us, that in 1993, he made the choices he did.

Fast-forwarding to 29 May 2002, nine fruitful band years have passed for Twiggy. The end of an era has arrived and he has split with the band, replaced by Tim Skold. Was this departure about loyalty to self, to another, or is there more involved? Whatever the cause and whatever his plans are now, I wish him well.

Footnote of a footnote:
In January 2008, he's back in the band, touring and playing bass guitar, just like in times of yore.
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